DL drives and large files

Hi - can anyone help with this question:

I need to backup several large avi files (typically 6 -8GB each). Can I dump these onto a dual layer disk (in the appropriate drive of course!) in one piece, or do I need to split the file up into parts that will fit onto each layer?

In other words, can I store a single, contiguous 8GB file onto a DL disk, or is it just that you can store a total of 8GB of data (in little chunks!!) on these drives?

Please let me know, thanks!
Pete :confused:

even if you can copy your 6-8gb avis straight onto a DL disc, i think it might still be better to split the files to DVD-5 size. as DVD Rs can be unreliable and DL disc`s are still faily new and no ones realy knows how well thay archive.

get some good quality made in japan media make 2 copys of each disc using 2 different brands of disc.

If you would like to play them on your stand alone drive or only want a backup of this
avi files, i would burn it as a data dvd in nero. If you’ve a big file it doesn’t matter,
is the file 6gb or 5.7 for example. To burn as a data dvd it depends only on the files you’ve and
capacity of the disc size. If one file has 6gb of data in your case for a data dvd
you don’t need to split it for a dl disc, only if you would like to do this! :wink:

Thanks guys - really appreciate the comments. FWIW I do use nero for single layer DVD, and I find that the UDF format works well for my data files.

*and yes - I always make 2 copies for the really important stuff!

See you around the forums from time to time!
Cheers, Pete

You can copy them using the UDF data format instead of ISO. Since ISO has a 2Gb max filesize limitation.

However, if these are to be later viewed on a comsumer player, I’d personally re-encode them to standard DVD format. If you can use DL disks, then you’ll not loose any noticeable quality either.