DL compatibility in general


Please forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this question, it seemed like the best place for it.

I’m running a 716A with the latest firmware and Nero. Over the past several months I’ve had a 100% success rate with DVD-Rs, not a single coaster among probably 300 burned. This week I tried my first dual layer disc, a Verbatim DVD+R DL, to be specific. I have had extemely limited success getting the discs to play on any player, after attempting several methods. I’m wondering if I might be doing something wrong, or if there is a general compatibility issue I should know about.

Here’s what I’ve done so far. I have a dual-layer title that I know a number of people have had success with, in the form of the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder.

First I used Nero to burn the disc with all defaults in place, nothing fancy, 4x speed. Each of my three players (two Sony, one Cyberhome) played the menu audio but no video. Hitting various buttons on the remote had no effect. The Plextor drive would play the disc in Windows Media Player; however, the submenu did not function and locked up WMP. Nero Showtime produced the same results as my DVD players (menu audio only). My Sony DVD-ROM drive would not play the disc in WMP or Nero Showtime.

Next I tried forcing the book type to DVD+R DL. As expected, no difference, but I wanted to rule it out.

Next I converted the data to an ISO file using Folder2ISO. I did it correctly, creating an empty AUDIO_TS folder first. I burned the ISO using Nero at 4x speed. Windows showed a correct folder structure on the disc. This time, all three players refused to recognize the disc at all (the Sonys said the disc was dirty, the Cyberhome just sat there). WMP and Showtime didn’t read the disc either.

Then on the advice of someone in another forum, I burned the ISO file using DVD Decrypter. I had the greatest success with this method, but that’s not saying much. The Sonys said the disc was dirty. The Cyberhome actually gave me the menu and played the title, but the submenu was non-functional. WMP had the same result, although the submenu did not lock up the app this time, it just didn’t work.

I bought a five-pack, so I’ve got one try left. :slight_smile: I’m planning on burning a known-good single-layer title to it just to see if it works. But before I do that I thought I’d drop a line in this forum to see if anyone knows of something that I might be doing wrong, or better, or whatever. Any help is appreciated.

Ron Moses

use imgburn!! if layerbreak is not suitable for video-playback, imgburn will display errormessage.if so,create an iso with pgcedit (for layerbreak!).maybe that’s the problem…

You mean like this? :wink:

Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found! (VTS_01)
This image has not been mastered correctly for burning onto a double layer (OTP Track Path) disc.
None of the cells meet the ‘DVD-Video specification’ criteria for a potential layer break position.

I don’t know why so many others got it working, but at least I know it’s not just me. Thanks for the tip, now I’ll see if I can wrap my head around pgcedit. It looks a bit intimidating.

Ron Moses

That’s the one! :iagree:
I’ll check for a good guide …

bit outdated but u’ll find what u need


do not burn,just create iso,burn with imgburn

good luck!

Nero has never been able to create correct DVD-Video DL discs (I’ve once had success with and an image with no layer break in the source structures because it was a PTP disc, but the same disc failed on and a couple of versions before just as it did on A few people with pretty nero-bug-resistent players (and a few who say the sky is green when I say it’s blue) continue to deny this, but it’s a simple fact.

Could you open the video_ts.ifo file of your disc in IfoEdit? It will probably complain about a couple of errors in the file…

I think the answer, is very obvios…

ron2112 is using a Sony DVD Player…and the old ones, especialy, sucks…

Did you try watch the DVD on [U]other player[/U]?

A cheap one?

Also a Scan the DVD, with plextools, would be great…

I have more than 30 burns on DL, and i never had a bad burn with Verbatim…

My Philips 737 DVD Player Divx loves them :bow:

Good Lucky!


P.S. - I read a litle more carefuly your post…
I never encounter problems with Nero on DL, but you can Try ( if its a Movie rip ) to use CloneDvd or other similar software... Its more simple. For a start…