DL Burns: Fab Rip, Img Burn



I managed to create my first bkup this way: ripped main movie with express and burned an ISO file with Img. The major hurdle was figuring how to take two, seemingly incompatible apps and somehow make them compatible. Fab is configured to burn in file mode and the option of IFO in gold was really no help. Meanwhile, Img is configured to burn from an ISO file. So, how to convert files, yet keep the LB info intact? I found this very cool little app, Folder2Iso, (freeware no less) to do just that…downloaded from afterdawn here

There is also a guide which I did not use; actually I was so excited to try this that I didn’t notice it until after my first successful bkup. I only took a quick look at the guide but since fab is already configured to create both the AUDIO_TS folder and VIDEO_TS folder, I think the guide is redundant. You can judge for yourself.

Anyway, the conversion only takes 4-5 minutes and is easy and very slick. The best thing about this, no LB issues and no extra crap…just the movie!.. :cool: :cool: :cool: sweeeeeeet!!!


I’ve had some problems using DVDFab Gold to rip to ISO and then burn with ImgBurn. Some moives worked great but some would not burn all the way with ImgBurn. Not sure why but I did get some coasters.

I’m going try ripping to HD with DVDFab, then make an ISO with Folder2Iso and burn with ImgBurn and see how that works.


Tom, I just saw this thread, thanks…Wonder how it would do on complete disc?..I mean since burning DL anyway, would be nice to complete disc, if without all our previous issues… Will try both ways, thanks for posting link!


I wonder when Portmac will be done


Yep, I’m wondering the same… :iagree:



I’m at work but I think in my searching for Patin Couffin that Imgburn and DVD Decrypter use it also. I think most of problems come from junk left in registry. I try to post a Microsoft link on how this junk can interfere with drives.


I tried to do ISO with Gold and wind up with about 7 different ISOs in a folder. I have HD with NTFS format.


Also, wile playing in google I found a topic on ICOPYDVDS2 which also uses VSO and they state that when you click on the +VSO you should see the burner listed. I have that program and will experminent when I am at home. That with DVD43 was what I used until the new protections would nor work with it.



Mack, appreciate the research you’re doing and I think you’re right, to a large extent. I’ve done some looking around at “Patin Couffin” in the past as well, and it seems that it is an alternative to Adaptec’s ASPI (I believe you just posted info like this) and is probably akin to, or best described as a driver. You’re definitely right about cleaning the registry…something I’ve been pretty anal retentive about for a couple of years. It helps a lot. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the issues we’re seeing, often seem to have multiple causes so that there’s not always, one, quick, clean fix. I mean, it’s great when that’s the case, but I’ve not seen this consistently. There is such marked variability, user to user and system to system, and no matter how good some of us are at pc hygiene, stuff gets missed. Most folks here, know the benefits of defragging, registry cleaners, etc., etc., and it usually doesn’t take the newbies long to catch on. Overall, I believe you have the best strategy I’ve heard so far and I plan to follow suit. I’m going to gut one of my older pcs, salvage the burners, RAM, psu, etc., clean the hds, put in a new os (I’m stuck with MS, but that’s it) and never do anything with it (including the interent) except burn.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, really just wanted to say thanks… :iagree:


hmmm, my conspiracy mind kicking in, Fengtao and Portmac seems to have been quiet/absent for awhile - although maybe concentrating on fixes, which is a good thing!..though an update/progress report would be appreciated by all!


We havnt forgotten about it, all the details and logs have been sent to the developer and the issue is being investigated.



This is great news and thanks for the update…we really appreciate it… :bow: :bow: :bow:


ditto :clap: