Dl burns and screen freeze

i have burned 2 dl discs now…just to try them till they come down in price and the burns came out fine except that when played through a cheap dvd player there are up to 5 half second screen freezes during playback…could anyone offer some advice as to what may have caused this…it doesnt happen with standard dvd-r…thanks

These freezes could occur during the layer change. That would be normal.

sorry should have explained a bit better…these freezes are occuring at several points on the same film and do indeed look like a layer change freeze…but this occurs a couple of times at the start and then again at several points during the film so there are about 5 freezes during the same film

I see. Nevertheless, we need more information to investigate this problem. Which burner, which media, which software do you use? Which recording speed did you burn these media with?

nec 3500 verbatim dl burned at a safe 2.4 nero

My only explanation would be that your standalone player is picky. You are using a high quality burner and the best dl media which are available.

Nevertheless, make sure you are using the latest firmware for your writer!

I agree could be your player! Try the dvd in a different player prehaps neighbor friend dvd player and let us know. Curious to see if that all there is to your problem! :confused:

also for me with the same charateristics I have “freeze”. nec 3500, fw. 2.17bs harrie, verbatim DL burned at 2.4X. (Excuse my english). Some ideas?