DL burning with Vista - help pls

I am dual booting xp and Vista. Here’s the thing - DL burning in Vista fails with the error message “Power Calibration Error”. Writing to a single disks is not problem, using the latest Nero ‘Vista Compatible’. All works fine in XP. I wondered if anyone has a bright ideas on how to fix this?

Welcome to CDFreaks and this forum, the best program to use for burning DL disc media is DVD Decrypter and best brand of DL media is Verbatim DL disc.

Basically, I don’t have an answer, but complain to Nero and see if you can get them on it. You might take a look at the NeroHistory logs for the burn attempts in both Vista and XP to see if there is any difference.

I have not tried any real burn attempts in Vista, and especially not any DL discs. My Vista log was different in that it did not show DMA status and the interface used was different from XP. I cannot get InfoTools to run. Vista is probably using different drivers for your drive and motherboard, which might add to such a problem. Perhaps media that worked in one setup will not work in the other.

Vista has more DRM restrictions, which might be part of it. I chose not to upgrade to Vista and only run a Beta.

Thx for that - very kind and will follow up. I think you are right, most likely an ide driver issue with my nforce2 and rather out of date mobo. But I’ll chip away and see what crops up - should have followed my nose and bought a new pc I guess!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know if a new motherboard might help. I do know Vista seemed to be written for the main stream chipsets, like Intel, but whether it is associated with your problem, I cannot say. For all I know, a different burner might help, since some burners appear to be more prone to your type of error than others. Could you borrow one from someone and try?

Maybe as more folks start to use Vista, more facts will come out about the problems.