DL Burning with CloneDVD2



Hey all. I have CloneDVD2 and have just purchased an external DL DVD Burner. I also have my stock HP DVD Burner (internal of course)

The external burner I am using is "MEGAStor 7-in-1 Dual Layer by MadDog Media. It wasn’t very expensive, but am hoping it is semi-worth the money.

The reason I wanted DL was so I can back up my DVD’s in full, titles, chapters and all. Also, some larger DVD’s really aren’t that great when you burn them to one single 4.7GB DVD blank.

I was able to rip the DVD Fine with the drive, but when it came to trying to burn, CloneDVD2 will not recognize the RiData DL Disk that I am using. It just keeps asking for a disk, and saying drive not ready. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to go out chasing down different types of media, as I have never had any issues with blanks in my HP internal drive. I am wondering if it is a CloneDVD2 issue??

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


You need to upgrade your firmware to 2.08



Okay, I’ll have to do some checking…thanks so much for the prompt reply. I am checking the link that you sent me as we speak!!

I’ll let you know if I get joy!

If you ever need anything in regard to xbox modding…look me up! I owe you one!


do any other programs recognize the presence of of the DL disc?


Okay, now that I have read a little about this and have a little better understanding I have some other questions. If it was a DVD Region Issue then why did it rip the DVD? Prior to me getting DVD Region Free whenever I tried to backup my first DVD I got an error. After I loaded the software, CloneDVD2 would successfully rip the movie. I never had a problem with burning after that.

Now, being that you say I need to upgrade my firmware the link you gave me only has one MadDog link. It’s for the MD-16XDVD9 and I have the MD-8XDVD9…will that be an issue?

I have found some great info on this site, and have used some Nero Tools to check my configuration.

This drive says RPCII for my region control. I am assuming it has to be at RPCI


Thanks again!! I didn’t think there would be a learning curve to this :cool:


Your problem is that your drive’s firmware does not recognize your media. Unfortunatelly the firmware i guided you to is not for your drive. I’ll check who is the manufacturer of your drive.

Your drive seems to be a nec 2510 oem. You try to flash it with herrie’s firmware with support for ridata DL media.

Or you can just use Verbatim DL media which is recognized by any DL drive.