DL burning trouble

Hi all. I’m a newbie, so I’ve got plenty of newbie questions.

Everytime I burn a DL disc, the second layer seems to mess up. It plays, but it skips and the image is boxy. I’m currently burning Video TS files from DVD Shrink (I’ve only discovered DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn today!) and burning with ImgBurn. Unfortunately, the layer break calculation feature doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Since I’m burning files from DVD Shrink, and ImgBurn is calculating a layer break point for me, should I go and remove the layer break?

Also, should I convert the Video TS files to ISO? Will I get better results?

I’m burning with a LITEON SOHW-83525 with Verbatim 95310(?) discs.

Any tips?


When burning D/L I’ve always used DVD Decrypter, (with AnyDVD running in the background), to rip the disk in ISO read mode.
Then ImgBurn to burn.
Never failed me yet.