DL Burning Problems

[qanda]This thread is about the Plextor PX-760A/T3KB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have successfully burned many CD, SL DVD and DL DVD the last couple of years, using the same software and hardware, with no problems at all. I still have no problems burning a CD or SL DVD. Recently I got a “focus, tracking error” as well as a “power calibration error” while burning a Verbatim DL DVD+R disc. I removed my DVD burner and took it apart and cleaned the lens very carefully. After reinstallation I successfully burned a movie on DL DVD+R disc. But I was unable to burn several episodes of my favorite TV show on a DL DVD+R disc. When I say unable to burn, what I mean is the episodes burned but the disc wouldn’t play in my laptop, PC or Stand alone DVD player. As a matter of fact it locked up the PC. So I tried again at a slower burn speed and this time it would play but it the audio was slurred and the video was slow moving. So in conclusion it burns a single file just fine but when it comes to multiple files, no go. I also reinstalled my burning software just in case and it didn’t help. My question is as follows: Is my DVD burner just plain failing or did I damage something during the lens cleaning process (I am very hardware savvy and was extremely careful), or is this a software issue. A couple of side notes: After reinstalling the DVD burner, whenever I put in any DVD it takes a really long time to access it. When I say long time, I mean like 90 seconds or more. After reinstalling Nero, the DVD doesn’t automatically eject after burning is complete.

My specs are as follows:

Windows XP Pro SP3
Plextor PX-760A
Nero 7.5.9 Ultra, I use Nero Vision 4 to burn with.

I very much appreciate any and all thoughts or suggestions on my issue.

Power calibration error probably means failing device in your case, unfortunately.
Although newer Verbatim +R DL media (regardless whether 2.4x or 8x) is worse than older media, which could also affect your results.
If you use 8x media, try to write 4x only, gave me the best results with the latest 8x media I got, 8x was one for the dumpster. :frowning:

Yes, after more research I’m starting to think the good ole Plextor is finally giving out. I worked her pretty hard for a couple of years. As far as the Verbatim goes, I try to make sure I buy packages made in Singapore. Since they started outsourcing to India the quality from there is questionable. Any suggestions for a good quality IDE DVD burner? I’m not interested in Plextor as they aren’t really Plextor anymore. The LG GH22NP20 seems to get a lot of good reviews.

Thanx for your reply.