DL Burn Problems


I have a LITE-ON DVDRW LH-18A1H using 1Click DVD Copy 5 and AnyDVD
and RiDATA DVD+R DL media.

Briefly, I have attempted, several times to make a complete backup copy of the newest Pirates movie. In the process, I have destroyed several of these DL discs. The first few I created worked on a computer but would not play on a set top DVD player.

Per LG (1 CLick) I reduced the burn speed to 4x and made a settings change in AnyDVD. No change.

I then, at their suggestion, upgraded my burner firmware from HL07 to HL09. I also, dwonloaded Lite-On’s BitSetting tool and changed the booktype to DVD-ROM which I read creates a more DVD player compatible disc. This ended up with a worse result, a disc that was not accessible using any player nor could I access the disc via Windows Explorer.

Further, the LightScribe feature which I use constantly seems to have been adversely affected. I have ordered different DL media, Verbatim, to see
if this makes a difference but I am very concerned about the possiblity
that this firmware upgrade damaged my unit or LightScribe capabilities.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


It can be risky crossflashing a drive, also will void most warranties. You can always try anyways to warranty exchange it, it just might be over looked at the factory. HINT, HINT! :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=THE C.;1951664]It can be risky crossflashing a drive, also will void most warranties.[/QUOTE]

I could be wrong, but the OP only mentioned upgrading the firmware, not crossflashing :wink:

I would bet that Verbatim DL media will solve the problem. Ridata DL is hit or miss at best.

About the LightScribe, could you give more detail? Such as what media/software you’re using, what the problem is etc. :slight_smile:

Oh, and welcome from me too :wink:


My Lightscribe media is pretty much Verbatim and some HP. The bad label burn occurred on a HP DVD Lightscribe disc. I have not had a problem with either of these brands when it comes to burning Lightscribe labels.




I use SureThing labeling software. Has never posed a problem.

OK, thanks - I use SureThing and Verbatim media too (never tried HP LS discs).

What do you mean by “Bad label”? And did this just start after the firmware update?

It could be that the LightScribe has failed for some reason if two brands of LS media are giving problems. In which case, I’d RMA the drive.

But before considering that, try uninstalling and reinstalling the SureThing software, then once reinstalled run the SureThing diagnostic with an LS disc in the drive.

One more thing, can you burn regular single layer discs without problems?

I generally burn labels more than once, especially with the DVD media as they do not have the contrast a CD R has. The problem occurred with the second burn on the HP DVD media. It created several 1/4" and 1/2" dark bands across the face of the disc. This has never happened before which is why I suspected the firmware upgrade.

To rule out the disc (it is possible even with the best media), can you try the same with a Verbatim LS disc? Thanks.

I certainly will.

Also, I have not had a problem burning a single layered disc, just the dual layered. And, I have no idea what crossflashing is, so, no, I did not do that.


Try copying the disc and then burning with Imgburn. There are some programs that just don’t handle changing the layer break properly. This the Guide i use to burn DL discs. You don’t have to go through all of this if you don’t want to, but Imgburn is designed to handle the layer break better than most programs IMO.


I have tried a Verbartim LS DVD disc. The first pass of the label burn looked good but is a mess after the second pass. I don’t get it. This can only be related to the firmware upgrade as that was the only change. Maybe reinstalling the LS software will help.



Thanks, I will try what you suggest and let you know the result.


For what it is worth, I finally received my Verbatim DVD+R DL media and unfortunately, the result was the same; plays on the computer, not on a set top DVD player.

In the meantime, I tried in vein to use DVD Decrypter to copy the movie to file on my hard drive. Several errors popped up during the process. Is there something unique with this movie, Pirates of the Caribbean III?

I am at a loss.


I don’t use 1Click unfortunately. But have you tried CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD?

You may have to set the booktype for the disc (in the burning software) to DVD-ROM as some players can have trouble with DL discs. I know my Philips player won’t touch DL, bitset to DVD-ROM or not.

As suggested above set book type to DVD-ROM on your Verbs…
Try this free method , rip to HDD with DVDFab HD Decrypter >ImgBurn just burn to Verbatim DVD+R DL disc…

Still trying,

OK, I have used DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip the movie to my hard drive. I used ImgBurn to burn the movie to Verbatim DVD+R DL disc, and I followed the guide provided by [B]t0nee1[/B] (Thanks).

The ripping went well but ripped it to an ISO file which I later discovered had to have the pertinent files extracted. I created a folder and placed the Video_TS and Audio_TS in same and selected said folder in the source box in ImgBurn

I followed the guide and it appeared to work well also. However, the result was as follows.

I first tried to play the newly-burned DVD in my computer which usually works. This time the the video was nothing but a bunch of tiny pixels and the images were not discernible.

I then tried the DVD in a stand alone set top player and this time, it actually tried to play, which was progress. But, it was the same result as playing it in the computer…all pixelated and not distinguishable.

Still wasting DL discs but I think I am getting closer.

Why were the images so distorted?




I am also still having the LightScribe burning problem which I believe was caused by the upgrade to firmware version HL09. I would like to revert back to firmware version HL07 but when I attempt to do so it says it does not find an appropriate LiteOn burner to flash, even though it lists it.

I believe because of the HL09 version, it does not deem it compatible for an earlier version.

Is there a way to force the older firmware version back on to this drive?


To make a good DL burn of Pirates III you first need to see if you can do a DVD shrink burn that will play well on your home DVD player.

Pirates was tough – I used FabDVD latest version followed by vob blanker and FixVTS AND then run through FabDVD again. Then DVD Shrink worked and it played fine and then a DL burn worked fine too.

In the meantime, I tried in vein to use DVD Decrypter to copy the movie to file on my hard drive. Several errors popped up during the process. Is there something unique with this movie, Pirates of the Caribbean III?

I am at a loss.

That is a newer movie that probably has protection that Dvd Decrypter can’t handle. Do you have Anydvd running in the background as you are ripping? It should allow you to bypass whatever protection is on that movie. You should also consider using Ripit4me in conjunction with Dvd Decrypter. Ripit4me hasn’t been updated in a while either but it usually handles all of my troublesome movies. One thing you always want to do before you burn is test the movie after ripping to make sure it plays fine. That’s one reason why i always rip in ‘file mode’ or to a VIDEO_TS folder. It’s easier to watch the movie in Powerdvd or Media Player Classic without having to mount an .iso in Daemon Tools.
Before you burn make you have set the booktype in Imgburn. On the ‘device’ tab there is button off to the right that you should click on. Find the Lite-On burner and in the drop down box pick 'Drive (for dvd+r DL media). Make sure it changes the setting to dvd-rom. Out of curiosity have you always used dvd+r discs? What standalone dvd player do you have?

The guide I posted is for Vob, Ifo and Bup files on your Hard Drive to burn to Dual Layer Media…
If you created an iso with DVDFab Decrypter then you should have used IMGBurn in “write” mode to burn your iso …

BTW, I got this flick backed up successfully with Platinum and also the DVDFAb HD Decrypter>FixVTS>VoBblanker>Shrink>ImgBurn, method as well…