DL Backup Help Needed

I"m not at all good with PCs So if you can help please keep it simple. I know nothing of ISOs and such.
I have yet been able to make a DL copy of a movie. I’m using HP DVD+R DL discs (Manufacturer ID CMC MAG DO1) on my Sony drive. The only time I came close was with Fab With the movie Snakes On A Plane and would freeze at chapter 15 and be missing a chapter when played on the computer and home DVD player. This was using clone and Full Disc set to DVD9 mode with and without Booktype checked and the last time I tried, it said completed successfully but would not play anywhere. Six expensive coasters.
Could someone please explain from start to finish how to get either a clone or full disc copied to a DL (DVD9) disc. All common settings etc. I wish to make a backup of Flyboys onto a DL disc. I’m now using Fab beta. Thought I’d ask for help before I tried. :sad:

Verbatim is the most reliable DL media.



It would be very helpful if we knew what SONY drive you are talking about :confused: does it support DL burning :confused:
just because you are using DL media does not mean it will work if your burner does not support Layer break writing, SO what sony drive are we talking about PLEASE

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Like Mack, I use only Verbatim DL media also. The lastest ones I found on sale were 8X made in Singapore (on sale at BestBuy) and have been great. I can actually burn them at 4X and they play in my standalone player just fine (had to use 2.4X before, and you may have to also). In Common Settings–>Write, check the box bitsetting DVD-ROM with +R media, and select 2.4X write speed. Some folks have had better results checkingthe box that says “Do Not Eject Disc When Done Burning”, but I have never done this. In -->Protection, check the box that says “Remove Layer Break” and select DVD9 in the main window and you should be ready to go. If the 2.4X speed works, then you can try one faster. :slight_smile: Let me know how it works out.

Before signals’ reply I was successful making a DL backup in Main Movie DVD9 mode. Had Booktype checked, Remove Layer Break unchecked, and using SAO instead of Packet Writing (if that makes any difference when using +R media). Used recommended wite speed. Had it set to eject at end of burn but it did not.
Does Verbatim make a DVD-R DL disc? Never have seen any. Or should I just get the +R and check the Booktype?
Thanks much to everyone (signals) and I’m still open to any more and all the advice youall have to offer. :smiley: