DL a movie thats RAR!what can I do with it?



DL’d a movie and wondering how to put it together as when i go to an individual section(rar).
it syas its svcd but when i go to open a .rar part of it ,it comes up as an avi file (and the total amount of the movie is there)and there is an error with it!
please help!
there is about 52-53 rar files making up the movie!
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Sorry, but we cannot help with files like that here due to rules about copyright.


extract it using Winrar



He must be using it already, or he wouldn’t know his file is corrupt or be able to see in the .rar files. How it can be both an svcd and an .avi however…well, I don’t even [I]want[/I] to know. :eek:


I thought that, then just with him saying he had 50 odd rar files, I wondered whether he had extracted them correctly or not !!


Doesn’t matter either way we can [B]not[/B] help.




@johnnyboy4711: We cannot help with this. It’s in the rules that you signed up to, so please read them again.

(James4eva: you may also care to have another look)

Thread closed :cop:.

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