DK CD burners needs your help

I just posted the article DK CD burners needs your help.

Danish CD Freaks are in great need of help.

The danish CopyDan “a RIAA wannabe” has made a tax on ALL CD media’s (old news). But it isn’t just a fair share to the artist. it’s an 187% increase in…

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Why not point out that they are protecting them with anti copy protecion so why should you pay the tax any way,they did that with tapes because they could not protect them.:4

Well, hey all you dudes that live in the copenhagen area. You are all welcome to Malmoe / Swden. Here one 80min CDR is for about 6Skr. That is about 5 Dkr or about $0.5 Does the law mean that you can freely copy any copyright media… after all you paid for it or ?

No you aren’t freely able to copy what you want :frowning: But hey, send me your E-mail adressand ICQ, then we can find something out. And yes i live in the region.

You are allowed to copy music NOT software. I live in Denmark and the law has taken effect but the prices are not higher yet.

So you pay to be allowed to copy your music CDs & then they protect them so that you can not. Seems like a rip off to me,ask your MPs or what ever you have there to explain it to you.hehe:4