DJ Style Case



Hi, I’ve bought myself 1 of those big Aluminium DJ Cases to store all my dvds in, as 1000+ boxes are taking up too much room. I’m just wondering if anyone knows where I could purchase some extra sleeves to go in the box? There seems to be room for about 50 more in each of the 5 sections.

I’ve seen a few dj boxes around and they all seem to use a standard style sleeve its just a double sided plastic sleeve but it has a plastic bar along the top fit on runners dividing the 5 sections in the box


Try here


thanks so much I really wasnt expecting to have much luck with this


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Check also other items in this site; I only pointed on the first link I found, but maybe you can find a better one (for example a bigger package for a lower cost)


The page you pointed to certainly has a great assortment of DJ-style cases, but unfortunately they only ship to Europe.

Can anyone recommend a site in the US?


Edit: doh, I was replying to the original post :doh: