DJ 4.10.1128 and Asus 5224a problems!

i read futureProof’s guide to backing up SD titles with this program but not having any success with the game playing in my Samsung cdrom drive…keep getting the .tmp error

i have 1.1 firmware but was wondering if i need to install the SafeDisc patch from microsoft…??

and where do i get the 1.0 fw at…seems that FP is using that one and acquiring success

That’s been answered in this other thread little buddy. Maelstrom has linked them in the FW Forum

hey future proof in reading should ‘Scan gaps/indexes’ be checked…why or why not…is that the ‘pre-gap’ that is 00:02:00 that i see in the log??


Until SD3, I said no, but philamber said yes. My PoP borked yesterday and I’m waiitng on a replacement.

Try it both ways - try phil’s first then mine.