DIY guide to backup Vinyl Record

Well many of you may have backups of your CDs and DVDs whatever it may be video, audio ore just games etc. Easy to use burningsoftware has made that to a easy task :iagree: , but some of you may have Vinyl Records from the days befor the Digital era :flower: , and making backups of these are a bit harder. You could just buy some equipment that could help you do just that, but it might just cost you more then you would like to ore it is just to hard to give up that old record player that you think plays the best soundquality befor DL mp3 of the records that you have. Many also consider a vinyl record have so much better sound then CDs etc. and will not give up their recordplayer. So what do you do when you wish that you had a backup of your vinyl collection. You make your own moulding form of the records … How … just click the link :wink: