how do u add muliple files?

In, you can click on the folder icon to add another video file. Some people reported probelms merging 2 or more files together at another forum though.

Wouldn’t bother!
I tried two ways:

  1. By accident, I re-selected the AVI I wanted to encode and it encoded twice nicely fitting two copies on 1 DVD5 structure. However, the first copy was excellent but bearing in mind it was exactly the same file, the second came out with the wrong aspect ratio (vertical bordering!) and terrible quality EVEN THOUGH IT HAD A BETTER BIT-RATE AND HIGHER FILE SIZE!

  2. Doing one encode, leaving the window open, selecting another file and starting the second encode. IT WENT MAD doing some kind of processing but not actually creating anything!

Yup, my first attempt came out with aspect ratio too. Back to the drawing board!

Yes, we found the problem, a new version will be out soon.

too bad divxtodvd can’t encode to AC3.


The Newest Version, VSO DivXtoDVD Converter,

can be downloaded here



Any idea whats new?

Wonder which minor bugs?

Does it creates AC3 5.1 in DVD?

I doubt that in a free util! Try TheFilmMachine for that…

it creates the ac channels if the source has them too…