DivxToDVD "pro" beta

On the VSO homepage it states that the DivxToDVD “pro” beta might be released in a few weeks (this was June 16th)… are there any updates on this yet? Do you need to join the beta group or will it be open to everyone?


and good news to all the users of of DivxToDVD!

It is true that VSO is coming close to finishing up the new “pro” version of DivxToDVD. The “pro beta” version has been under testing for the past few weeks and is still under going tests daily. The final pro version will probably not be out until the end of summer.

The “Pro” version will include new preview mode, a new interface, a built-in burning engine, supports subtitles , and more options. . . .

If you are interested in the “pro” beta version–(you may pm me and beg and I will see what I can do///as I am not the “ultimate decider”—the point in this is to satify your curiousity but also to give VSO the results of your use, report back errors, and all that other fun stuff. Otherwise, very shortly . . . a “forum version” may be made available to see how it does with an already familiar public.

So keep your eyes peeled . . . . it is coming. . . .soon!

(when the “pro” DivXToDVD becomes available it will be available as trial version and a retail version. The difference is that the trial version will have a a watermark of the VSO logo and will not be time limited.)

Can any old newb try out for the beta test??
I realise i am only new here, but years of exp in loads of technical things.
And it just so happens that i loooove divxtodvd!! (As such, am certainly going to purchase when released)
Hey, just want to help out!!



Hey MST3Koz,

VSO has just released a v2.00 Release Candidate (v1.99.11)
Did you give it a try ?

What do you think ?

Well, Lets see…
i have one .avi file that with the free version ALWAYS was out of sync, with the new version, it’s still out of sync, but not quite as much.
Can’t wait for an option for menus as well, not sure how big that’ll make the prog, but i think it’ll finish it off beautifully.

Still testing it though, i have a few more troublesome avi’s that i need to test with it yet, though, i have a LOT of dvd files on my PC at the moment, even with 1gb RAM and a fast AMD64 processor, the PC still gets bogged down, so i have to do a little clean up first, then i’ll really put it through the wringer :smiley:
All that said, MUCH nicer interface, liking it a lot!, so yes, i will eventually buy it!


MST3Koz, are you sure the AVI isn’t damaged? What are the specs of the file (encoder, frame rate etc)?

Edit: Also started a little ‘what would be nice’ list over here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=143277

Hey Rendez2k!
Well, i dug a little deeper, the file is fine…
So, i have racked my brains, asked people way smarter than me at this, and even they cant work out why the sync is out…Pretty much all my files are encoded like this (except for the odd occasional Xvid or DivX)
from the log

22/07/2005 9:41:22 AM info Delay of audio #0 = 466 mS
22/07/2005 9:41:22 AM info Computed Frame Aspect Ratio : 1.3333
22/07/2005 9:41:22 AM info Stream#1 - Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
22/07/2005 9:41:22 AM info Stream#0 - Video: msmpeg4v2, 480x360, 29.97 fps
22/07/2005 9:41:22 AM info Found 2 Stream(s) - movie duration 01:37:27.567
22/07/2005 9:41:22 AM info Input file “C:\Documents and Settings*****\Desktop\MST3K\MST3K - 316 - Gamera Vs. Zigra.avi”

waddya think???



Hmm, well the log looks OK and its similar to mine anyway. Are you converting it to NTSC or forcing PAL? Maybe you could cut a small segment out with VirtualDub and send it to me to look at? Or maybe send it to the VSO guys, I’m sure california girl will help! If theres an actual problem with the file type, I’m sure they’d want to get it sorted.

Well, i am keeping it NTSC, my dvd player supports both formats.
Like i said, I’ve had guys way smarter than me look at this, and they thinks it’s weird!
I might try and get in touch with CG, or email the VSO guys to see if they can sort this out.




Yes please do sent this to the VSO support. If this is a bug in our soft we need to figure it out and fix it----sometimes we are not aware of these bugs because of lack of files that this happens to, or simply we do not have the machines that reproduce the error. Any additional info is always helpful or let alone to know that this is happening to users. thanks