DivxtoDVD multiple VOBs. Can you create a single one?




When i convert some AVIs to VOBs using DivxtoDVD i get 3 VOB files… 2 approx 1 gig each and the other about 100MB… is there anyway i can create just one single VOB instead of multiple files?


This is normal. Try to take a look on a pressed DVD: you’ll see usually many vob files like this.

Why do you want to create a single large vob file?


Im kind of having problems burning them to DVD… thats why i was asking… I use Nero Burning ROM, Vision Express and CloneDVD to burn DVDs.

NBR wont allow me to burn these as it gives and error about the format of the file.
VisionExpress will let me burn them - but burns them as 3 seperate files.
CloneDVD will burn them but i notice a glitch between the fileswhen watching the DVD…


If nero burning rom give you an error, maybe vob files are corrupt. Nero try to verify all files before to burning them onto a disc. Do you have latest version of DivxtoDVD? Maybe this can fix the error.

Alternatively you can use a different soft to convert avi into dvd. I suggest you TMPGEnc to convert avi into MPEG and TMPGEnc dvd author to author the DVD.


You can use DivxToDVD to burn your DVD. Select ‘Action’ -> ‘Burn DVD’ …


NBR wont allow me to burn these as it gives and error about the format of the file.

Does Skywalker 208 know to burn the vobs as a video DVD, rather than data or ISO?


yes im burning them as a video DVD… have done this loads of times… but the odd file i convert gives more than one VOB… any software i use to burn will only burn the main vob ie. VTS_01_1.VOB and not the second one VTS_01_2.VOB…

the one im on at the moment for example has the main part as a 1Gig file and one other 65 MB file… if i burn the first without the other i am missing the ending… if i choose to add the other aswell i get an error…



What version of DivxToDVD are you using? Take a look at the guides available here: http://www.vso-software.fr/tutorial.htm —or this a bug/error that is happening happening just for this particular case. You could post you log file here also (found here on your computer: Program Files\vso\DivxToDVD)