DivXtoDVD issue (missing part of movie)

I had a movie file that I converted to dvd files in order to burn so that a friend could view in his dvd player.

The file was originally in two parts and I combined the two using Briz video joiner. The problem is I converted the file using DivXtoDVD and tried to play it in my Phillips DVP642/37, but the first couple of scenes are missing. It starts about 20 minutes or so into the movie then plays fine.

The entire movie plays fine on my computer but not on my dvd unit. What gives?

Here are the file stats:

Mucho thanks.

Anybody? Anything. Hellooooo, is this thing on???

Sheesh, tough crowd. :doh:


There is no support for DivXtoDVD v0.5.2b

That’s real old.

I haven’t use that in maybe 3 years if not more.

Latest is now called ConvertXtoDVD v2.2.3

v3.00 is due to come out soon, maybe in January 2008 the way it’s going :sad:

Or if you want freebie’s try FAVC, (very good),or DVDFlick…
Commercial SVCD2DVD…