DivxtoDvd incompatibility with set top DVD Player

I’ve been using WinAVI most of the time but the results are not as perfect as I would want them to be. But at least my set top DVD Player reads every I throw at it from encoders such as TMPGenc, Mainconcept and WinAVI. However, recently testing DivxtoDvd, my DVD player cannot read dvds created with a total filesize less than ~2.5GB???

I’ve burned 4 DVDs created with DivxtoDvd 0.48. Three of them is around the 2gb mark while the only one which managed to play is sized at 3.22gb. However, they all tend to play on my computer. I’m not sure if its some DVD specification or my DVD player is just crap but I’m hoping VSO can provide a fix (preferably allowing manual bitrate adjustment).

OH, and I forgot to add that my set top DVD Player just says “No Disc” for the incompatible DVDs.

we changed the bitrate in the latest version, it doesn’t seem to be enought.
you are sure it is not media relative or everything like that ?

Yes, the 4 DVDs I have mentioned above are all using the same spindle of DVD-Rs. I know the media is dodgey but it doesn’t make sense that smaller sized DVDs don’t work while larger sized ones DO work because as we know, DVD quality degrades towards the outside of the disc.

I’m having the same problem. DivxtoDVD is great but then I burn it on to a DVD and it will not play. I’m going to try filling up the DVD to more then 2.5 G and see what that does.

Nope I put a larger movie on and still no go. I’m trying WinAVI right now to see if that fairs any beter.

Have been using DivxtoDVD since it first came out and have had no issues with player playback. If not the player, then maybe it’s the burning software. Nero has the high dvd compatibility setting for smaller compilations.


A new version on DivxToDVD 0.5.0 just came out. It may do the trick.

Click Here for the download.

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Nope, the created filesizes are still very much far from filling up the DVD. I’m curious if VSO will rectify this problem with their paid version in the future.

yes, we will do and it will cost 1 Million of $$