DivXToDVD Frame Rate

Has anyone else had problems when converting say a 23.97FPS file to 25FPS? The output never looks 100% smooth. I assume this has something to do with DivXToDVD having to insert extra frames? Also, when you get ‘Frame Dropped’ errors, does this impact the output in anyway?

Yeah I have had that problem. The thing is other applications don’t ALL (some do!) suffer this repeating jerk when compensating NTSC>PAL so I don’t think it is impossible for them to get rid of it.

Are you using the latest version? 0.4.x.x

I’m sure mine seems smoother since that version. I’m going to try the file which was really jerky in the previous version - I’ll post back this eve!

Have got the latest version, but the aspect ratio was wrong in the output anyway (something they are aware about). The only program I’ve ever found to do a good job of NTSC->PAL is Procoder Express. It would be so good if they could get it right here!

A couple of things;

  1. Although it’s not fair for us to have to suffer a jerk for the sake of homeland format, you may find your DVD player is perfectly happy playing it American stylee (NTSC) meaning DivXToDVD wouldn’t need to add a conversion jerk!

  2. I found MainConcept, D.I.K.O. (Also FREE!) and WinAVI perfectly capable of jitter free NTSC>PAL. (Although DivXToDVD lets me get 2 movies on 1 DVD5 looking as good as any of them at 1per DVD5 and it does it in half the time!)

  1. DVD player is fine with NTSC, but I always think it looks worse!
  2. Not heard of MainConcept, D.I.K.O. but will check it out, and I need to do a proper test with WinAVI. It is the time bonus with DivXToDVD which makes it so appealing :wink:

Sorry they are seperate:

  • MainConcept MPEG Encoder (www.mainconcept.com) - Very expensive but very nice quality.
  • D.I.K.O. is a (free) GUI app bringing 1-click-ability to re-encoding by using several free tools (apps) which do different parts of the job. And quality seems pretty good.

Both of these come out with mpeg files instead of VOBs but you can use IFOEdit (also free) to change them into VOBs (don’t worry it’s not another re-encode!).

I know the suffering, N(ever) T(he) S(ame) C(olour) always looks bad compared to PAL!!!

BTW, IMHO WinAVI looks awful in comparison to DivXToDVD.

TheFilmMachine is similar to D.I.K.O but works with Cinema Craft Encoder. As I say, its the time bonus with DivXToDVD which makes me wish it worked well!