DivXToDVD fixes conversion crash bug and Blindwrite updated

I just posted the article DivXToDVD fixes conversion crash bug and Blindwrite updated.

 Savannah used our news submit to tell us "The 1-click DivxToDVD solution just gets better! Yay!"  Looks like VSO is listening to input received and is continuing to develop this  product. They...
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This is turning into a great prog! One small problem though, had my first lipsync issue yesterday using 0.1.2 after converting my first mpeg 1 file to DVD, it was way out. No issues so far with lypsync and any XviD, DivX, avi files though so quite happy. Big thanks for the PAL/NTSC force conversion guys! Just need to be able to control file output size now for the makings of a great prog. :slight_smile:

about lipsync issue, you should contact the support to let us investigate the case. about the output. it will be done in the pro version , we don’t want to make the interface too complex for nothing, we still need to add some other aspect ratio too.

I have a divx movie, that is PAL. I tried to convert to DVD and it won’t play. With this newer version, I can make it convert to NTSC?? That would rock!

yes there is a new option

is it poss to ceate Menu and Chapters ?

chapters are created automatically, advanced menu with preview of chapters, will be done in future versions.

Frame rate conversion is poor - output file is ‘jumpy’ - seen lots of cheap conversion programs with these symptoms. Output is fine if its 25 to 25fps for example, but not 23.95 to 25 :frowning:

thanks for the info lapinou :slight_smile:

I can honsetly say I havent had a problem changing framerates, the video plays as smoothly as the original. The audio on 1 file only has caused problems. I’ve notified VSO of this and am currently trying the program on multiple video files of varying framerates and audio to see the outcome. In regards to your problem, I cannot help with this, but I can recommend you contact VSO with your problem as this is a great way to iron out the bugs. After all, its still in its alpha stage of development. One cannot expect it to work perfectly can one? :slight_smile: