DivxToDVD creates multiple VOB files per avi

I am trying to covert an avi in DivToDVD and burn it with NeroVision Express 3 so that I can create custom chapters and menus (NVE3’s converter screws up the files), but NVE will only take in the VOB files, not the IFO. This is only a problem becaue DivXToDVD splits the avi into two interwoven VOB files, neither of which is the whole video. Is there any way to make DivxToDVD only output one VOB file?

I think the files have to be split to be within DVD spec (to around 1gb I think). DVD-Lab would join these files and make a menu for you. TMPGEnc DVD Author v1 can do this also. However, there is a free tool here http://www.videohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=252033 that will take multiple VOB files and output them to 1 MPEG which you could use NVE 3.