DivxToDVD and Xvid

When I try to convert an Xvid movie, the file starts going into my virtual memory and fills it all up and then my computer finally locks :a It looks as though everything is working great, you can see the preview just clear as a bell, but then you see the frame rate getting slower and slower and if you open the task manager and look at the page file usage it gets bigger and bigger until windows give you a message and says that the page file is used up and it needs to allocate more then it locks up completely, any ideas on this one? Anymore information you need? I have no clue what is going on, but every other file I have ever tried to convert works like a charm except Xvid files :sad:

Posting the divxtodvd.log file may be helpful, it is in the C:\Program Files\VSO\DivxToDVD folder.

I’m sorry, I uninstalled it and put it on a different computer, so far so good :iagree: