DivxToDVD: Access violation at address... with subtitles



Hello everyone,

I’ve waited for some time now for the new version of DivxToDVD that can incorporate subtitles, and I was happy to find out it’s there and ready for testing.

The trouble is I don’t find it working properly. Whenever I add more than one file with a subtitle-srt the program crashes when it starts on the second file’s subtitle stream: Access violation at address … in module ‘DivxToDVD.exe’. Read of address 000… (the status bar says something like ‘generating subtitle stream #0…’).

In order to rule out the possibility of anything being corrupt I tried to convert the files individually (meaning separately): no problem. Next thing I tried to convert 2 files but leaving out the second file’s subtitles: again no problem.

I do hope this is not a feature of the test version…

15.09.2005 17:40:43 info User default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
15.09.2005 17:40:43 info System default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
15.09.2005 17:40:43 info Version
15.09.2005 17:40:43 info ExeName : “C:\Programme\vso\DivxToDVD\DivxToDvd.exe”
15.09.2005 17:40:43 info OS : Microsoft Windows XP Personal Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

In case anyone needs more information please ask.

Thanks in advance for any helpful comment.



to solve very quickly your problem, you need to contact us and give the files samples. this way we will be able to reproduce and fix the problems.