Divxtodvd - 2 avi's into one dvd?

i have a divx that is two avi files – how can i convert them into one dvd?

i have a few ideas but i’d rather ask here before i waste a dvd to see if i was right :confused:

it seems like divxtodvd will let you highlight two files and it brings them into the program as “DEMOMOVIE CD1.avi; DEMOMOVIE CD2.avi” like that

but when i had that setup and i hit “convert” and i had the preview screen on, it was only converting cd2 and it was only going to take an hour just like a normal single avi does - so that didn’t appear to work, i aborted

maybe i can do each one singly and then copy/paste the chapters out of the cd2 folder and renumber them in consecutive order in the cd1 foldeR?? any thoughts on if that would work or not??

any help is greatly appreciated

Hi grafik,

with DivXToDVD you simply load the files in the order you want them merging on the DVD.
E.G. Load PT1 with the “folder icon” under “Source” (with tooltip of “Save”!!!), then click it again and load PT2.
You don’t get much indication that it has worked other than in the log where you can see it has loaded both files for conversion.

Hit “Convert” and that’s it.

BTW, the method of manual picking you described wouldn’t work. To merge and edit in the VOB domain you need another tool such as “TMPGEnc DVD Author”.