DivXToDvd - peice of shit?

Hey all

Just done my first conversion of 3 divx AVI files into DVD format using the mentioned software, DivXToDvd.

Target size, DVD-5 (as set in the options).

Three AVI files, (which are 700mb each),

76 mins
34 mins
82 mins

My problem, the output VIDEO_TS folder from this (admittedly slow) 10-hour conversion is 4.72GB ! What the hell good is 4.72 GB when I can only fit about 4.33 or so on a standard DVD-5! - What the hell idea does this software have about how big a DVD-5 disc is!!?

Pretty frustrated with this!

Can it be burnt on dvd-5? :s
Dropped them into nero under DVD-Video disc, no joy, it’s way over the limit.
Unless this DivXToDvd can do some black magic and burn all this crap to dvd, im stuffed im gonna do another 10-hour conversion…

can anyone help?

Upgrade to Version: 2.1.14. There have been lots of fixes.

I guess if you have already paid for the mentioned software you are stuck with it. In any case…checkout SUPER © @ http://www.erightsoft.com

Not only will it de/en code just about ANY format, it’s free ! For example, I downloaded a movie trailer that happened to be in Real media format. If you do a search looking for software that converts Real media to mpeg2 &/or DVD you’ll be surprised at the limited choice(s). However SUPER © does it & does it well.

Or run your 4.72 Gb file thru DVDShrink.