DivXLand Media Subtitler 1.9.0 released

I just have tried these program and liked very much his video engine.

The only thing I miss at this time is some features that SSA have, like some bottoms like “Grab Times” and other Karaoke features. But, I guess in time this ones can be added.

So, follows above the announcement from his author:

"DMS 1.9.0 has just been released, for those who are unaware of it this is the easiest freeware to create and correct subtitles fast and easily.

This latest version added the ‘Load audio file’ feature that allows to load audio files and view them in real time during the subtitling process, and includes a small VU-meter display as well. Supports mono/stereo and 8/16 bits PCM wav files.

Another new feature not found not even in the most expensive of the subtitling programs (read SoftNi, FAB Subtitler, etc) is the ‘New from Clipboard’ item, to (for example) directly load video lyrics into DMS from the clipboard to start subtitling immediately.


Now, certain features are still in the to-do list, such as support for frame-based formats, which will be added in time. Yet this program aims for making the user’s life easier in the subtitling creation and correction process. There’s no need to read long docs, nor learning complex keyboard shortcuts and of course no need to deal with AviSynth nor other 3rd party components.

Video support is provided by WMP 9 or 10 -whatever version you have-, so you can load practically any video type into it without crashes or other problems that are very common in other tools. For the moment, 30 sub formats are supported, including Adobe Encore which is a mixture of time-frames format.

Any feedback here will be appreciated."

—> http://www.divxland.org

—> http://www.divxland.org/contact.php

Any suggestion for improvement, will be welcome.


Inuya5ha said:

I just wanted to mention that I already implemented the grid control for captions and solved the issue of the preview mode eating lots of CPU. Of course there will be other improvements in next version (2.0) to make things easier.

The WMP player control can playback most filetypes and formats, including MKV with AAC and whatever bizarre audio format you want, as long as you have a directshow filter or proper decoder installer. The control is also totally stable and never presented problems. Also, its resources usage is not much different from that required to load streaming video on webpages with the control embedded.

Any useful feedback is welcome.