Divx2dvd `v` Nero



In the red corner is nero Enterprise edition
In the blue corner is Divx2DVD 1.99.12

What happens…

Nero is merily recording dvd files from my HD…LAA LA-LA LA!

I open Divx2DVD choose a file (MPEG or Divx) and at this point
everythings cool and slinky But suddenly (pull a in shock look) i
decide to press the settings button on Divx2DVD (bottom righthand

Nero screams in a Penelope Pitstop type way Helllp!

…and grinds to a halt with a illegal disc error.

The reason i think this is, is that Dvix2DVD has a burn engine
and suddenly decides to take control of the drive (add muttly here)

What i thought is when Nero is using a drive it locks everything
else out that wants to use it at the same time, where in this case
Nero seems to give up instantly…and thats from just pressing a
icon on another program but not actually using the burn or decoding

If someone else can try this have a go to see what happens…