[Divx2DVD]Subtitles out of screen



I converted my Naruto 1-9 episodes to dvd using this tool.
I than burned it with nero, but when i want to watch it the subtitles are cut off, and outside the screen.

Someone help me please:(


It’s probably because of two things, scaling by the program and also TV Overscan.

I haven’t used the program, but u should scale the video smaller than normal. TV Overscan means that the ouside edges are not viewable, because TV was not meant to be so precise to align properly.


I’m using ffdshow. Can i set it in there?


umm, i think so! … look somewhere down the side… u need to leave a nice margin along all sides … try and see how you go.


What other software is there anyway :")?
Just curious :disagree:


Hi Liquide fire, I imagine you are using DivxToDVD 2. Why not use the burning engine that came with it? Anyway your subtitle situation seems a little weird, is there any way possible VSO could get a hold of part of the video to do some tests on it themselves in order to ameliorate the software? Feel free to write the VSO support team with this info or maybe the communicate with them if you would be able to up load it to FTP.


Hi there,

I think I read other posts about subtitles going off the screen, and 1 suggestion was to change the font and font size.

That’s in DivxToDVD v1.99.xx of course :slight_smile:
And yes, the built in burn engine works very well !
Basicly the same as CopyToDVD, so solid burn engine !

See if this can help !


I’m happy to upload it, just pm me with details but i’m not sure if I can slice it so it will be around 250 mb big. :a
And btw the subs are embedded in the file not added :o :iagree:


I have the same problem with Naruto epsidoes. Subtitles get semi cut off at the bottom and on the left and right sides. To make the subtitles show all the way you have to create a “TV Safe Zone” the problem is that DivxToDVD can not do this. This would be a great feature to put in the next version.

Anywho I already solved this problem LiquidFire, you have to use a program called “TMPGenc Plus”, it creates a TV Safe Zone for files that are embedded with subtitles. It’s the only way.



this problem should be quite easy to fix, as soon as we can reproduce the problem. write us directly to claire@vso-software.fr and give your MSN ID for live assistance to reproduce the case.


Has this problem been fixed? because im having the same issue…


Hi there,

Are you using the latest version, available on VSO’s website ?

When you add a subtitle, if you Right-Click on it, you can choose how many chars long a line can be.

I think it’s 50, 55 the default.

Change this value to 45 and see if it helps !

My 2 cents…