Idon´t know this might bge a stupid question bu what the hell… I have a couple of divx movies that i Would like to watch on my TV with my dvd player. The problem is that my dvd doesn´t play divx. Now I wonder if it´s possible to somehow convert them to a file(an .img file i would prefer). And the burn them on my dvdburner. I don´t know maybe this isnt even possible… but i would appriciate some tips …thanx

Hi AnteUp,

I’m not an expert in this but I’m always using Nero to convert my avi files to VCD or SVCD. Open nero choose VCD or SVCD profile and drag&drop your avi file, it’ll be automaticly converted to the choosed format. There are many other ‘video format converters’ just take a look at google.

thanx i´ll give it a try …
many thanks