I am looking for DivX cd’s.

The DivX cd’s we’ve got are :

The Matrix (1cd)
Hackers (1cd)
Saving Private Ryan (2cd’s)
Southpark (bigger longer & uncut) (1cd)

For other video cd’s, games, warez, audio and other cd’s go to my homepage: http://connect.to/apocalypse! <- ! attached
Please post a reply here first before you mail me.
For the guys who are not so smart that they can’t find my mail adres, it’s :


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We also got Blade in DivX

The Mystic,

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I got in DivX

American Pie DVD-Rip
Bicentennial Man Camera
Big Daddy DVD-Rip
Heat DVD-Rip
Leon DVD-Rip
Southpark DVD-Rip
Star Trek 8 - First Contact DVD-Rip
The Game DVD-Rip
The Matrix DVD-Rip
Hackers DVD-Rip
Blue Streak DVD-Rip
Johnny Mnemonic DVD-Rip
Blade DVD-Rip

btw, a 2 cd DivX is a fake divX, they should be nuked, and only 1 cd divx be accepted.



That ain’t right. The other versions of saving private ryan are 3 cdz, so it bust be a DivX. It aint a fake.

but if you wanna trade, mail me at f_koster@dds.nl http://connect.to/apocalypse! <- ! attached.

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i know it’s divx
but they shouldn’t be accepted, all divx should stay 1 cd


Why do you think DivX movies should be 1 cd? When a movie is too long I would rather have it on 2 cd’s than that the quality would be reduced…


Ok, i know you probably think this is lame, but what is DivX, i been seeing it mentioned alot but i still don’t know what it is.

thanks to anyone who helps me out.

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Well, in short, it is like the mp3 of movies. The movies are very small, and the quality is very good.


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divX is MPEG4
its a few years old but hasnt caught on until now.


Ive got Notting Hill & Prophecy3 both dvd rips and in divX format,also got some .asf format all top quality.Anyone want these?
divX is for DVD rips ONLY.


Yep, I would like those DivX cd’s. Mail me at:

PhrEacK, Apocalypse! crew member http://connect.to/apocalypse!


I have in DIVX:

Nummer: Titel: Kwaliteit: Formaat: Taal: Aantal cd’s:

  1. The Fifth Element Goed DIVX ENG 1
  2. Trainspotting Goed DIVX ENG 1
  3. Blast from the Past Goed DIVX ENG 1
  4. Cruel Intensions Goed DIVX ENG 1
  5. Matrix Goed DIVX ENG 1
  6. The Sixth Sense Goed DIVX ENG 1
  7. Armageddon Goed DIVX ENG 2
  8. Highlander 2 Goed DIVX ENG 1
  9. Herman Finkers Goed Screener NL 2
  10. Leon Goed Divx ENG 1
  11. Bicentennial Man Redelijk ASF ENG 1
  12. Blue Streak Redelijk ENG 2
  13. Big Daddy Goed Divx ENG 1
  14. Teaching Mrs. Tingle Goed ENG 2
  15. Meet Joe Black Goed DVD RIP ENG 4
  16. Independance Day Goed DVD RIP NL 3

New are:

American Pie DIVX
Ronin DIVX
Deep Blue Sea DIVX

When you are interested (trade/buy etc.) Email me at: