Does anybody ever used a tv out from a graphics card to look at divx movies on a tv.

Was thinking to get me such a card and don`t know if the quality is any good on a tv.

thanks already


It all depends on the quality of your divx.
But remember that the resolution of a tvscreen is far lower than one of a pc monitor. It looks better on a tv screen than on a monitor (is my humble opinion)
so go for it!!!


some cards are betting for doing this than others

ask your reseller for it

say to him, you want to watch dvd’s on your tv screen :wink:


I have a ATi Radeon 64 MB DDR and the TVout with divx and dvd is really good. Ok with divx you may see some codecfaults, but you also seen them on your monitor!

hope this answers your question


I would like too buy the same card thay you have. Any problems with it ?
How would you rate it against a Geforce 2 ?

Thanks for the reply about divx


It is a very good card! I have no problems with it. Ok it is maybe a little bit slower then a Geforce 2 GTS :frowning: but in 32 bit it strikes back :slight_smile: TV-OUT is very good (especially S-VHS)


thanks for the info