I am hoping to get some advice/help with a good program that is EASY and simple to use that will enable me to burn DivX movies on my Vista PC burner: ATAPI DVDA DH20A3S9P56(Ide) please? I use 1clickdvd pro for other movies and that is great. I have looked at a couple of DivX programs and am not sure which I should go for as it confuses me but would appreciate anyone who has used one that does not give any problems please.

Explain a little more as to what you want to do. Are the DivX files already on your computer or do you need to convert some files to DivX? If you need to just burn files then try Imgburn which can be found in the download section here at CDFreaks. If you need to convert files to DivX take a look at AutoGK, http://www.autogk.me.uk/. If you are looking to convert DviX to a standard DVD format then take a look at DVDFlick.

I have DivX files on a disc that need to be burned to a DVD and thought I could just burn from that to a DVD that I can play on my player to show on my tv. I also managed to get a movie from the DivxDVD onto my PC but when I did the burning process onto a blank disc, then tried to play it on my DivX player, it said that it was a data disc!
Thanks for your help.
Cheers, Angie

When you burn Divx files to a CD or DVD it is a data disk, it’s not the same a a regular DVD movie which has the Video_TS folder. What program are you using to burn your files to dvd?

It was a program I got from my LG DivX player/burner which recommended this site. Cannot remember the site sorry but I just deleted it as it was very slow and with all the problems I had I decided to try ConvertXtoDVD which had a trial version and it was quick and looked good. So, I took the plunge and this seems to be good…it was not expensive and I have fingers crossed that it continues to work well…There is a lot of information that does my head in out there. I found this by chance and is just a click or two and I wonder if you have heard of it please? Thanks for your kind help.

Yes, a lot of people here at CDFreaks like ConvertXtoDVD. I hope it works well for you. Good luck

Excellent, thanks so much.