Hi all just an enquiry about Div X format , in simple terms can someone pls explain the pros and cons of this format to me. In advance tks. :smiley:

DivX format is able to produce good quality video in much smaller files than mpeg2 found in dvds. That is one of its main strengths, and why it is often times used on the internet----smaller files mean less time downloading.

And newer dvd players are often DivX certified, so that they can play this format. It is also possible to create menus and subtitles for DivX encoded video, as well as multiple audio and video tracks.

Another strength of the format is the availability of free encoding/editing tools. Dr Divx, Virtualdub, and AutoGK are a few that can use this codec.

DivX has been surpassed slightly in quality by a rival format called xvid. Both are Mpeg4 ASP, but xvid is open source, not proprietary and can be used on many different platforms. Most DivX players can handle xvid files pretty well, unless some of the more advanced features of the xvid codec have been used in producing the video.

The newer video codecs being used in high def players, like H264 and VC1, seem to be the wave of the future though. They can produce good quality video at half the bitrate of mpeg2 or less. They take considerably more processing power though.

Look through the wikipedia articles on divx, xvid and H264. There are links in those articles to more in-depth information as well, or just go read the forums at doom9.org for a while. There is plenty of information available.

Tks Kerry, makes sense now