Hi there!

I’m happy with my Platinum version. But how can I make a Divx Movie with it? Platinum supports the Xvid codec only.

If you are using Windows XP, then www.divx.com has a codec and player. Dont use their converter since its trash. Their divx codec dosent work 100% on Vista.

To conver DVDs to divx, use AOA DVD Ripper. I tried many DVD2Divx programs and its the best by far.

XViD works fine on Vista and unless you want to play divx files on your TV/DVD Player, its a good choice.

I wish the Dvix people who come out with a version that is stable under Vista soon.

Xvid seems to work on most Divx compatible players as far as I’m aware.

I didnt know that, thanks for the info. Ill try it.