Hi, new to burning I have managed to download a divx movie and would like to burn it to a DVD so I can watch it on my tele instead of the PC, can any one advise me how to do this? :o

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I’m assuming that the movie you downloaded is a legal one :wink:

Do you already have some video conversion softwares? What burning software do you have? Do you have a software called “nerovision”?

I have nero express?

Are you asking me? :bigsmile:

Is it a software you found included in the box of your burner? :slight_smile:

My burner in in my lap top, i have downloaded nerovision onto my desk top, i also have divx player, shrink it and a few other things? sorry i really am new to this?

No problem :slight_smile:

Then there are two main solutions for the question you asked.

If you have a standalone able to read avi files, you can simply burn the movie as “[B]data disc[/B]” using nero.

If your standalone is not able to read avi movies, you need first to convert the avi into DVD video. To do this conversion you can use nerovision.

Beware: nerovision offers two possibilities: to save the converted movie in a disc, or to save first on hard disc. I suggest to save fisrt on HDD and then burn on a dvd. It’s safer :wink:

Hi again, sorry had trouble with my laptop, i am now downloading nero onto another (10mins left) and will try to do as you say, i am not sure if my dvd player reads avi files, thanks i will let you know if i am successful!!! (feel like a typical woman :o )

You can check on your standalone user manual :wink:

What is AVI, it plays DVD’s that are burnt that i have bought cheap? I do not have the manual, but maybe the easy answer is to buy a new one that plays divx? thanks

AVI are movies encoded with MPEG-4 algorithms, whereas standard DVD are encoded in MPEG-2 format. Not all standalones are able to play Avi movies.

Buying a standalone able to play avi is the easiest solution. If you don’t want to buy a new standalone then you need to do a conversion from avi into dvd video. This conversion require a lot of time (based mostly on your CPU power).

Thanks, my laptop is very slow at the moment so I suspect my cpu is low or high whatever is the worst? I am following the nero instructions so hopefully will get there in the end, thanks for your help! :bigsmile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Converting a movie require a powerful CPU. I did only few conversions, but it occurred to me more than 8 hours to do each conversion :eek:

So I bought a divx-capable standalone :stuck_out_tongue:

okay you have now led me to a new question! If my dvd player was capable of playing divx files, would it be as simple as downloading then burning and then playing? without all this converting? I am sure it is not capable as i burnt a disc last week with movie that i could watch on my PC but would not play on my dvd? I think its time for bed before my head explodes!

Can you elaborate better that?

[B]downloading[/B] then burning and then playing

Sorry would it be as simple as download, then burn to a dvd disk, then play in my DVD player?

I again assume that you are talking about legal downloads :wink:

Anyway, yes, if you have a standalone able to read avi, you need only to burn discs as “data DVD” or “Data CD”. These standalones already have a simple menu that allows to browse for disc contents.

thank you again and goodnight

Goodnight :bigsmile: