Divx/xvid with dvd menus?

Is there any way to make dvd menus which start divx/xvid files? Like if I wanted to put 10 episodes of a show on a dvd, could I make a menu for it?


I don’t know. I know that you could with svcd discs. Trw www.doom9.org and www.afterdawn.com for some help.

For such purposes, many people create their own autoplay disks. Some of such disks (usually in ISO image files) look better than commrecial disks. There are free utilities for making autorun CDs.

Well yes. But the big point was making it play on a divx capable livingroom dvd player. I probably should have mentioned that :smiley: My bad :slight_smile:

This may not exactly be what you want, but it may be a better solution.

There are those programs that are made to turn a PC into a livingroom-multimedia-system (also called HTPC, which stands for home theather PC). These programs can do multiple things: play DVDs, video files (what formats depends on the installed codecs), music files (again, depends on the installed codecs) and possibly much more (image viewing, video recording, dvd copying, playing emulated classic games etc). By hooking such a system up to your TV, you’ve gained an all-in-one machine.
By inserting a disc with XVID videos, you can just play them through the menu of the HTPC software. When you have a special remote control, it’s really easy, like working the menu of a DVD player.

So what kind of software is that? Well there is quite a lot out there. For Windows, there’s of course Microsoft’s XP MCE (a special version of Windows XP). Other applications are (for example) MyHTPC or the software that comes with the ATi remote controls.
There’s also some very nice software for Linux (if you are into that). I, myself, use Freevo for Linux on my HTPC, together with my ATi remote control. Works like a charm!

This I know to. However, this is for my technologically disabled father :wink: But I’m trying to convince him to let me build him an htpc eventually…

I see… explaining things like these to ppl like them (not meant to insult, my parents are just alike ;)) can be hard indeed.

I’m just happy about the fact that they haven’t discovered XVID yet (that would keep the phone ringing I guess)…

This would be a great idea!

I have a Philips DVP-642 and it play almost EVERY DivX and Xvid I’ve tossed at it :smiley:

I Believe that DiVX V6 has the ability for DVD like menuing, However I don’t know of any DiVX capable DVD players suporting much beyond DiVX5. It’s a good idea though. My DVD player will auto paly the fist Divx AVI file but once you exit will come up with an explorer type menu.