DivX-Xvid Test CD v2.0

If anyone is planning on purchasing a player, there is a test CD to run tests to see which formats can be played back:

(*Note - Not Sure if this one with test HD-Xvid)

What’s in the test CD ?

To test your player, parts of trailers have been encoded in a maximum of video and audio formats.

You will also find files to test the most common types of pictures and subtitles.

Last but not least, we have provided a check-list of functionalities and accessories often integrated or wished by end-users in order to estimate the level of your player’s equipment.

Here is a list of the tests categories

  • A_ Medias and Disc type
  • B_ Options / general Specifications
  • C_ GUI : Menus options
  • D_ GUI : Audio and image files options
  • E_Connections
  • F_Compatibility : Supported image types
  • G_Compatibility : Supported audio types
  • H_Compatibility : Supported video codecs
  • I_Compatibility : Video containers and ?bivx? tests
  • J_Compatibility : separated subtitle files tests (for *.avi containers)
  • K_Others unreferenced (optional tests)

A detailed manual is available on the CD itself

700MB inc Covers:



OR here: