Divx/Xvid Format dvd player



Does this mean it can play file extensions such as:
avi, mpg, wmv, etc…?

Because I want to watch the files i have on my computer on my tv but i need a dvd player which can do it.


Mostly yes. The multi-format machines will play most, but not all, downloaded files. It depends on what codecs have been loaded into their firmware. If you are buying, buy the most recent machine you can find.


I doubt they will play WMV.

I would, however, expect a good one to play DivX and XviD as well as standard MPEG4 (and DVD and MP3 of course).


Does your PC GFX card have TV-OUT?

You could use that if the files are on your computer primarily and both are in the same location.


The only thing I haven’t tried to play on the one I bought (Magnavox) is WMA/WMV files.

My Pioneer player will however play WMAs.


thanks for the replies

I am probably looking for a dvd player that is able to play [U]most[/U] formats and am willing to pay more if necessary

Do manufacturers provide the types of files that are compatible with their divx compliant dvd players?


I would strongly recommend the Toshiba Sd-3990 player, it is small and light but picture and sound quality is excellent - It has variable brightness and sharpness, something very rare as most dvd players have preset on/off. You can sharpen or soften the image and the range is big (I think 16 steps), same for brightness. It plays PAL and NTSC DVD, it plays VCD / SVCD, CD MP3 DVD MP3, CD Divx DVD Divx it has played my Divx 3 up to Divx 6 files without a problem. It also supports DVD MPEG ISO or even CD MPEG ISO (MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 files). Player does not support WMV, I haven’t personally tried, not sure if it plays WMA - All I know is that some of those DVD players secretly support formats that are not documented in manual, like for example it says NTSC only, yet this player can play PAL DVDs too go figure the only thing this ************ doesn’t do is cook :smiley:


My philosophy is to buy a relatively cheap one now and don’t spend too much (maybe up to $50-60), as newer formats will become more commonly supported and in a year or two you’ll be able to buy a player supporting more of these formats such as WMV, some of the more advanced MPEG4 Codecs, High Def MPEG4 files, upscaling, etc. Right now you can get some of these features but you’ll be paying a high price for this and they’ll continue to both improve and become more affordable as time goes on. Even my Philips DVP642, while not that great and a bit outdated, still does a solid job with most files floating around other than WMV and the newest MPEG4 codecs. I don’t know much about the Toshiba that greg42 mentions, but it sounds like a good player for the money, probably a model that I’d look into if I didn’t already have my Philips.