Divx/WMA to MP3?



I have some WMA and DivX files I’d like to extract the sound from to make MP3s. This does not have to be great quality–they are video taped lectures that I’m using to study for my medical boards. I’m just going on a long trip and would like to make MP3s out of them so I can listen to them in my car so I don’t need top-notch quality (they are pretty crappy quality to start with). What program(s) would you guys recommend for doing this? I’m leaving later today so the easier the program is to obtain and learn to use the better. I have CDBurnerXP Pro3 and I noticed that it has a function to rip audio files to MP3–can I use that or is there something I can download that would be easier? Any help (and as much detail on how to use the program as you care to give) is greatly appreciated!


Load into virtualdub or Nero (free wma plugin is available) and then extract the audio.


Ok–I downloaded about 6 other programs, none of which were useful past 30 seconds unless you buy them. So, I got virtualdub but can’t figure out how to make it work. Can you give me a couple instructions? All I want is to convert one WMA file to one MP3. Also, will this program do it faster than real time? In other words, how long will it take to rip a 1 hour video file to MP3? One hour or less? Thanks for the help!


Nope, first read the guides.