Divx without top and low black bands --> deformed


I have a good quality divx without top and low black bands.

When I try to encode it in .ts format (with TMPGEnc), I get a mpeg file format just fine.

Problem is my tv is 4:3, and when I read the file on my satellite demo, without bands, the picture is deformed.

My question is : how do I put the bands again ?

Thanks !


Try to use these settings:

on the main window of tmpgenc click on “setting” button on bottom right

click on “advanced tab”

on “source aspect ratio” choose 1:1 vga

on “video arrange method” chose fuul screen (keep aspect ratio)

Important is the keep aspect ratio.

Hope this can help

the problem is that TMPGEnc is shutting itslef down after 25 seconds …

I tried with ImmToo MPEG Encoder that is supposed to do the same thing, but parameters are different … can’t find the aspect paramter on this software.

Ever heard of that problem with TMPGEnc ?

thks :bow:


No, never seen this.

Maybe a defective plugin? What type of movie is the original file? I tried successfully conversions from DivX to mpeg, but never tried with XviD files.

it’s standard divx …

the thing is that source divx is not 4:3 format, but like a thumbnail. The top and lwer black bands were removed …

what about opening with VirtualDub, saving as uncompressed video and audio, and then encoding from that?

Avisynth, read up on it…