DivX Vid Issue

if i have had a divx video on dvd-r 4 ages and it has pixels from corruption.
i download it again same rip and compare will it identify them being different from the pixelation or would it just see them as the sae size and assume theyre the same size?

Hi Jay

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To answer your question, it depends what is causing the pixelation. If the pixelation occurs on a standalone DVD player but not on the computer then a file comparison might well state that the 2 copies are the same having done a bit-by-bit comparison.
If it occurs on the PC, when reading from the DVD , then again a comparison might well succeed as file operations (copy,compare etc) on a HDD or optical device will handle re-reads whereas a player (PowerDVD for example) will stutter as it’s not getting the smooth continuous flow of data that it expects.

I guess really there’s no definitive answer to your question.

Hope that was helpful.


Thanks i think i understood it.
I have loads of DivX Video backed up on DVD and obviously over time the DVD’s will wear so the videos will get pixelation on them.
I can’t be bothered to watch them all one by one.
Is there a bit of software you can recommend me that compares the copy on the PC to on the DVD side by side checking that i have no data corruption on one or no pixels on one.
Its very hard to explain lol.
Just im worried in case the ones on DVD do have pixels but when i do a comparison with the one on the PC the results say theyre 100% identical. But even though one might have a freeze on it.
What software would tell me what im after?


I think we’ve been all through this before , talking about scans & file comparisons with CD Check, beyond compare etc.

If the DVD scans OK & the file comparison say OK then I’d be happy. I’ve recently replaced a lot of my earlier burns as the scans were very bad. With a new burn the films are fine.


If you are that concerned about longevity, then buy the high quality media. You will get much better results.

Cheers everyone.
If i get a quality score of over 93% isit 100% certain i’ll have 100% data with no loss (freezes in divx video)

I can explain a lot better now.
I have DVD+R’s with DivX Video on.
Some of the films are still on the hard drive.
When the DVD gets scratched, marked etc it will corrupt the data on the DVD (The video) Which would result in massive pixelations.
Does beyond compare compare the one on the DVD to the one on the PC and if there is one pixelation maybe only one block would it result in it being different to the one on the PC?

Now for the audio?
When DVD-R’s wear will i get issues with the audio like you would an audio CD.
I mean like when you listen to mp3s for example it will have loud underwatery sounds.
Would this happen to the audio for films too?
Also if a DVD-R got corrupted enough would sound also get out of sync too?
Especially if its a VBR audio?

Sorry to ask again im not doing it to annoy you its just im too stupid to know what you mean by some of your other answers.


You can get 93 scores on media that you burn today, and 5 months from now, the same dvd might not even play, if it is not a good high quality media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim Data Life, or other high quality media. It all comes down to how the media is made, what it is made from, the dye, the process. There are a lot of factors. I would rather have a Taiyo Yuden that has a score of 90 and plays, knowing that 4 years from now it will still be a 90 if I take care of it, than have a ritek dvd that is a 95 score, but will probably degrade down to the 80’s in 4 of 5 years. (Just using ritek as an example). Some ritek is good media. What is the media code, and manufacturer of the media that you are using.

Thanks for the reply, so really theres no ideal software what im after?
Cheers mate.