DivX >> VCD

I have made a (SBC) DivX with Nandub.
The size of this movie is 653 MB but if a use nero’s wizard 2 create a VCD its goes for above 700 MB??? :frowning:

Any help?


Just don’t use Nero’s wizard, use CCE instead. As long as the size is less than 800 megs, it’s fine.


Cinemacraft Encoder. It’s really expensive, but I’m sure you can find ways around that. (Note: Obviously, I’m talking about hard work and elbow grease :wink: ).

@ the moment my pc is encoding the DivX 2 SVCD with CCE :wink:

I’m courious to the results of this ‘expensive’ program. :slight_smile:

the results will be most pleasing i’m sure :cool:

i don’t know where i would be without my CCE :bow:

I just finished my firts SVCD and it rocks :slight_smile:
The only prob. is that it taked almost 18 hours 2 create a SVCD from DivX…:eek:
If a make a SBC DivX it only takes about 7 hours.

Any sloutions or help??

hey i never burned a divx to a (s)vcd so what is the best way i mean the fastest way possibile?

take a look at my site, i have not had time to write enu thing for a mont soon but i think it will be of help.