divx-to-Vob movies have choppy movement

Dear all,

One recurring problem has plagued me with almost every dvd made from avi/divx/xvid files.

I use Dvd2svcd and DVD Author to produce my ntsc dvd-r’s and notice on a very regular basis that in any given movie whenever a car speeds by, someone runs close to the camera, there’s a sweeping panoramic view of scenery, or monkeys bungee-jumping off the Empire State Builiding, etc. the frame-rate drops in a similar way to a low-spec pc running a latest game when a lot of action fills the screen. Its so noticable that the dvd is rendered unwatchable imho. :a

It isn’t my pc system affecting the playback (amd3000/1gb) as it happens on my standalone player too. :confused:

The original avi tends to have next to no juddery action like the finished vob file does, and the audio seems largely unaffected, so I was wondering if there was anything people could suggest I do to make the finished vob produce much more smoother video movement - as smooth as the original avi file at least?

I have not experimented with deinterlacing at all, so should have probably tried that before posting here (though I would love recommendations as to what settings I use) , but still I wonder if anyone has had this problem before, or know of a long-term solution?

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Then why don’t you just use the original sources instead of transcoding divx/xvid to DVD again?!?

Try this guide as it uses DVD2SVCD. Bear in mind that it was written in 2002 so is different to the version you’ll be using.

Sorry. I haven’t explained myself fully; I don’t have original sources, I just have the divx/avi files to work from - THEY are the original sources, to produce my dvds from.

Hi TimC,

Thank you for your response. Sadly, the guide you directed me to was the one that I use all the time anyway.



So the material is not copyrighted then in any way… :wink:

:disagree: Heaven forbid such an implication, my dear chef! :wink:

(Actually, the material I convert tends not to be copyrighted or publicly available - sometimes even home-made short films).

try this :-
Grap MPEG4 Modifier from http://www.moitah.net
load the avi into it
See if the Packed Bitstream option is checked, if so clear the tick.
Save the AVI and try encoding it again.

Thank you petera,

I will try it and let you know the results. If it works, it will be an answer to my prayers - so thank you!


TravisB. :smiley:

if i understood your problem right, you should maybe just give a try to this ‘one-click-solution’ ‘DivXToDVD’
it isn’t free, but you can try the demo (with half speed in transcoding and a watermark rendered in the movie).

Thank you for your suggestion Razor1982,

Will try both suggestions above and will let you know here, how I get on.