Divx to vcd 'n sync

Hi guys, just made my first attempt to put a full movie onto vcd from divx and by Jove, it ain’t half bad! In fact i find it pretty f**** amazing! However, there’s always that little bit of icing we want on the cake isn’t there. In this case, I worked with TMPEnc. and foolowed the procedure exactly as prescribed in the tutorial of this forum. The main problem is that the sound is ever so slightly out of sync. Not noticable at all in the beginning but growing ever so annoying as the movie advances. However. It doesn’t really accumulate any further (as one would expect). As if it was thrown out of sync at one instance and just remained like that for the remainder. What can I do about this? I read something about virtual dub but have no clue as to how to operate it.
And while I’m at it some more questions:
-I ended up with a file twice the size of the original. Is there any way to compress it further without loss of quality?
-The original seems to be 16:9 format. Is there a way to convert to 4:3, once again without harming quality or ending up with an even bigger file?
-Might converting to svcd be a better option and can I do that with the same program or do I need a different/better one?

Please feel free to throw in any pieces of advice you may want to share. I know absolutely nothing about this and any help is very welcome indeed.

A movie at say 90min long will end up as a 900meg VCD mpg REGARDLESS of the size of the AVI/Divx. DivX has the best compression of movies, anything else woill be bigger.

As for lip sync problems, unfortunately not all Avi/DivX are made properly. The frames per second should be exactly 23.976, 25.00 or 29.97 and audio be exactly 44.1 or 48.0 else conversions will always produce A/V sync problems. Check out http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59487 as it can help you fix the final mpg a/v sync before burning it to cdr.

SVCD’s are a lot better quality (closer to the DivX than the VCD will ever be) and DVD2SVCD with CCE is the way to go there. Tut at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59489

But many DVD Players will not playback SVCD’s or playback them properly so make one and fully test it out before adventuring to far there.


Thanks ChickenMan, much appreciated!

if the divx file had VBR sound (varial bitrate) the sound will come out of sync. Try extacting the mp3 into wave and when in TMPGEnc put the wave file in place of the divx audio

Thanx, will certainly give that a try. However, I find it so bloody complicated especially since virtual dub is a bit obscure about how to use the program, so it’s a bit like the cure being worse than the disease. I’m content with the result as it is but when I’ll certainly give it a whirl when I need omething to fiddle with.