DIVX to SVCD sound prob

i am trying to convert divx to svcd and i am following chickenman’s guide, all seems to be working during the conversion now though initially i had some errors with besweet, got another version v1.4 and sorted that out.

The problem is that on the finished product I have no sound!

I checked the sound conversion steps in the log files shown below:



  • 09/08/2004 13:34:11
  • AVI to SVCD Conversion
  • AVI2SVCD ver. 1.2.2 build 1


  • C:\Documents and Settings\Jeremy\Desktop est.avi
    Initializing finished.

  • 09/08/2004 13:34:13
  • Free on drive I: 124155.30 mb
  • AUDIO Extraction

Audio extraction finished.

  • 09/08/2004 13:34:14
  • Free on drive I: 124154.85 mb
  • AUDIO conversion

Converting MP2 to WAV. Filename: I:\svcd\Extracted_audio_1.mpa
Executing MADPlay (mp2 to wav). Commandline:
“C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\MADPlay\madplay.exe” --quiet --output=wave:“I:\svcd\Encoded_audio_1.mp2.wav” “I:\svcd\Extracted_audio_1.mpa”
Conversion (mp2 to wav) of I:\svcd\Extracted_audio_1.mpa finished.

Encoding Audio. Filename: I:\svcd\Extracted_audio_1.mpa
Executing BeSweet. Commandline:
“C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\BeSweet\BeSweet.exe” -core( -input “I:\svcd\Encoded_audio_1.mp2.wav” -output “I:\svcd\Encoded_audio_1.mp2” -logfile “I:\svcd\Encoded_audio_1.log” ) -ota( -g max ) -shibatch( --rate 44100 ) -2lame( -e -b 192 -m s )
Audio conversion of I:\svcd\Extracted_audio_1.mpa finished.

Audio conversion finished.

I noticed that I can playback both the mpa and wav but NOT the mp2, also the mp2 file size is much smaller than the mpa…IS this OK?

Then I checked the audio/video demux steps:

Saving bbMPEG settings: C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\bbMPEG\default.ini

  • 09/08/2004 13:40:28
  • Free on drive I: 124132.11 mb
  • Multiplexing and cutting

Saving bbMPEG settings: C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\bbMPEG\default.ini
Offset in Seconds: 1
Executing bbMPEG.
Variable Settings:
Movie offset: 1 seconds
Cut point: 796 mb

Executing RunbbMPEG. Commandline:
“C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\bbMPEG\RunbbMPEG.exe” “I:\svcd\bbMPEG_Muxed_File.mpg”
Multiplexing and cutting finished.

Image creation finished.

  • 09/08/2004 13:40:37
  • Free on drive I: 124114.80 mb
  • Conversion done!

Regarding the demux steps using runbbmpeg.exe i cannot comment but it seems to give no errors.

This is the first time i am trying this…also the initial divx video has quite a low bit rate as sound 64kbps…is this a prob?

Thanks for any help

Clearly these is/was a problem with the audio, the MP2 files should in most cases be larger than the extracted mpa file. Simplest solution is to just manually convert the *.WAV file to MP2 audio using the VERY LATEST BeSweet, then reaname to Encoded_audio_1.mp2 and use the Recover button in the Misc tab ans resarting form the Cutting and Muxing point.