i am trying to convert a divx movie to mpg or even mpg2 (im not sure if mpg2 works on my dvd player its a pioneer 414) but when i try to load it into TMPGENC (version 12f) it says “an error occured when audio is decoded” (this message pops up imedeatly which halts the process. SO i then figured that i will go to vdub & convert the audio to wav. So i loaded the file into Vdub & then did file>save wav. THis made a wav file about 100mb. WHen i use this wav file in conjunction with the divx in TMPGENC, it encodes ok but when i play it, the a/v matches up in the begining (first like min) & then the audio jumps ahead of the video untill the very end where they meet up again. how can i fix this?


well u went wrong with makin the wav

in virtual dub be sure to first go to the tab ‘‘audio’’

go al the way below in the audio menu and ul see that ''direct stream copy ‘’ or something simmilair is marked.
change this in to ‘‘full processing mode’’

1s selected this go save the wav
this will mostl ikely solve the problem your havin .

also note that the wav u create now will be somewhere around 1 gig.

and 1 more thing if u have a slow comp u might want to try out xing mpeg encoder i found this to encode a whole lot faster then tmpenc … with good enough quality … since tmpenc doesnt run properly on my slow comp
and xing does a great job im satisfied with it it makes good picture mpeg1 videocds from div with it.

offcourse tmpenc does it jsut that little bit better but it has all those filters n stuff
anyway ima sleep
so later
hope this helps




all you need to know!!!