Divx to dvdr Chickenmans guide question

Hello All,
I’m converting a pal divx to dvdr ntsc as per Chickenman’s guide and am encountering an error. When the avsynth script box pops up I get
lanczosresize(720,576) the guide says, bicubicresize(720,480) <-- change the 576 to 480. I change the 576 to 480. and add Assumefps(23.976) then I get the following error:

Frame size 720x630 is not supported. Supported frame size up to 720x576.

Is my poblem that I’m not changing the line from lanczosresize to bicubic?

Thanks Sooopernewbie

leave it as lancosresize.

is there an addborders() line?


Yes it did… AddBorders(0,75,0,75)
by the way the orig file info w576 h 240 448kbps ac-3 25fps

I was just going to ask the same question for the same problem I have just encountered, only I get the error of “Frame size not supported”. I also would like to know how to fix it.

75+75 is 150 of borders, plus 480 of video gives you 630. going to 330 in the lancosresize line should work (480-150=330). You could try eliminating the borders and keeping lancosresize at 480 and see what happens, just for fun. :slight_smile:

Take a look at the thread I link in #2.

Thanks for the help richardd, I’ll give it a shot!!

Please try lancosresize(720,330) first.

i’l try it thanks again!