Divx to DVD



hi there im new to the DVD burning business…

if i have a backed up dvd that i have in Divx format… ie about 700mb what is the best way to get the best quality back to a dvd… i have used nero vision express and the quality is pretty poor not to mention the audio goes very out of synch!

i have dvd rebuider running cce but cce doesnt recognise the codec so i cant encode that way.

has anyone got any suggestions? im currently trying nero vision express to standard quality… then im going to encode using rebuilder… hoping it will up the quality somewhat? am i grasping at straws here?

Thanks in advance


there’s no way to “get the best quality back.” once the quality’s gone, it’s gone. you’ll have to use the original dvd if you want maximum quality. i’m not sure what you mean by “cce doesnt recognise the codec so i cant encode that way.”


if i go to open file in cce and select the divx format avi file it comes up with an error saying that it doesnt recognise the codec.


if you have dvd rebuilder and CCE, you should be pointing dvd rebuilder at the original dvd, not at the divx.